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Continuity is a touchy subject in UA because as the game stopped being published, several things were about to happen: the events of To Go added a new, powerful Avatar to the Invisble Clergy, an occult war was likely to break out in Chicago between TNI and the Cult of the Naked Goddess, and a handful of important Occult figures, notably Dirk Allen and the Fruit, were already starting to become useless old men. Relevant canon issues should be resolved here.

One thing to keep in mind here is that each individual GM has their own canon, and that for your own games, this can be altered as you wish. However, the canon endings presented below are generally the most elegant solutions to the problems.

Fly to Heaven and 9/11/01[]

Fly to Heaven took place in 1999. Diulio failed, and the movie Flight of Madness was due to be released Christmas 2001. Needless to say the studio pulled it, feeling it was in bad taste.

To Go[]

The most glaringly obvious canon issue here is: who Ascended? Strong arguments for both the Heisenberg Messenger and the True Executive can be made (and are handily provided below!) so GMs should pick one based on whichever they feel holds more influence. The only recommendation is that you don’t just give your PCs the Holy Prole. If players want something as world-changing as changing minor to significant charges, make them work for it.

Heisenberg Messenger[]

News indeed has become far more slanted in its coverage, as has the Internet. Major websites, such as Google and Twitter, now even have personalized algorithms so you only ever see stuff that you will like. Everyone's started dismissing some news source they don't like as "biased"- sometimes even with reason.

True Executive[]

Corporations have been gobbling up power like there's no tomorrow through lobbying and advertising. People are just as likely to identify themselves by brand (I'm an Apple guy) as by country. Blatant racism and sexism is increasingly looked down upon, and most decisions are made by quantifying how it affects someone's "bottom line."

To Go takes place some time in 2003.