The Freak is one of, if not the single most powerful being in the Occult Underground, second only to possibly the Comte de Saint-Germain himself. It is the Godwalker of the Mystic Hermaphrodite as well as a powerful Epideromancer.

The Freak timeline


Events of Godwalker.


July 7: The Freak mysteriously disappears. All attempts to contact it are met with no success- it is assumed that it either died or committed taboo, as its Godwalker spot is open. This sparks a three-year war for the Godwalker of the Avatar of Magick itself.


October 10: The Freak (or another extremely powerful being claiming to be it, depending on who you ask) reappears from its three-year, three-month, three-day hiatus. It announces its return with the slaughter of three competitors for the Godwalker spot, and returns to its place as the Godwalker itself.

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