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This is the unofficial timeline of major occult events of the past ten years. Since continuity is a prime concern here, it's recommended that you read that article before coming here, and arguments regarding the results of occult events occur on that page.


September: 9/11 terrorist attacks. Arguments erupt in the Occult Underground as to whether this was an act of a Godwalker of the Terrorist, or if a new Terrorist has ascended. (See Notes below for canon issues regarding Fly to Heaven)



May: Erica Fisher Ascends as the True Executive. Mak Attax falls into disarray. The Day Planner of the Gods sparks a war among local Washington, D.C. dukes over who gets to own it.


Events of Godwalker.



July: The Freak mysteriously disappears. All attempts to contact it are met with no success- it is assumed that it either died or committed taboo, as its Godwalker spot is open. This sparks a three-year war for the Godwalker of the Avatar of Magick itself.



July: A brief post in Alter Tongue on the message board 4chan causes a server crash.


November: The Freak (or another extremely powerful being claiming to be it, depending on who you ask) reappears from its three-year, three-month, three-day hiatus hiatus. It announces its return with the slaughter of three competitors for the Godwalker spot, and returns to its place as the Godwalker itself.


December: Muhammad Bouazzizi self-immolates, igniting the Arab Spring. Wide speculation ensues that he Ascended.


September: The Order of St. Cecil accidently discovers a mass ritual that weakens the hold of demons on a large scale, and attempts to use it by passing it off as a 51 day prayer rally to purify the U.S. Capitol via a Christian Fundimentalist group. Details are sketchy on whether or not it worked.