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Welcome to the Unknown Armies Update Wiki[]

A space to update the roleplaying game Unknown Armies from the late 1990s into the new century.

If you'd like to be able to talk with your contributors in real time, join #uaupdate on mibbit.com!

Welcome, and To-Do![]

Welcome, dukes, freaks, mystics, and weirdoes, to the update of Unknown Armies!

I have updated the Wiki with all of my personal notes and with the ideas from the topic I posted on ua.johntynes.com.

Any new ideas you have that you like the concept of, but don't have enough info to go on with, should go on the Rumors page.

Ideas about the occult history of the past decade should go in the Timeline page.

Continuitity concerns will be addressed here.

The Magick page is where ideas can be discussed about schools of magick, Avatars, and Rituals. Once a decent "feel" is gotten for the school or Avatar, a separate page should be created for it.

I would also request you edit your personal page, so we can know the perspectives we're getting. Unknown Armies' cosmology being based on zeitgeist, it can't hurt to know the perspectives each individual writer is adding.

Latest activity[]