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Writerwolf/Rumba, College student searching for the truth.[]

Writerwolf had a normal, if not boring life, truth be told. He was was a bit anti-social in High School, and his school work load usually rendered him unable to hang out. Well, that, and his tendancy to procrastinate his work by going online for hours. Through the internet, he managed to stumble into the Occult Above-Ground, and although he never really TRIED anything they suggested, he was entertained by it. He remained skeptical though. Surely, whatever grand being that existed didn't care if you failed your exam. No cosmic force could exist that would make that girl talk to you. But in the end, he wanted something to be there. He fell back on the ideas of fate, karma, and luck. He's open to alternatives though.

Not much has changed. Sure, he's a college Freshman now, but he still hangs out with geeks, he still procrastinates hard, and he's still floating through the internet's Occult Above-Ground, searching for the truth. The only difference is his luck. Through the years, his luck seemed to be getting increasingly polarized, finding coins and pencils everywhere. Within a month, he even managed to find a wallet and a pair of keys. Unfortunatly, luck tends to be a fickle mistress. He's managed to lose his own wallet approxamately five times within the last three years. Combine that with his love of gambling, his gung-ho attitude when issued a challenge, and his occasional lack of common sense, along with how many times luck has gotten him out of trouble, those who are in the know might percieve him as a Bodybag.


Personality: Cancer. He's a kind guy with a lot to say, but he's a little too far into his shell to say it.

Obsession: Writerwolf has no obsession.

Wound Points: 50

Rage Passion: Political injustice. The public elects politicians to represent their opinions on legal matters. However, most of them just take funding from companies and write laws that screw the public over.

Fear Passion (Violence): Needles. They aren't that painful, but the idea is still unnerving.

Noble Passion: Helping people. He's a kind guy at heart, and he does what he can to make people happy.

Body 50 (Just enough muscle)

General Athletics 25%, Struggle 15%

Speed 45 (Still a little clutzy)

Dodge 20%, Biking 15%, Driving 10%, Inititive 15%

Mind 55 (Knowledgeable freshman)

Conceal 20%, General Education 20%, Notice 15%, Computer Use 25%, Occult Trivia 10%

Soul 55 (Tries to be there for ya)

Charm 20%, Lying 20%, Strange and Obscure Music Collection 10%, Photography 15%, Lost and Found 25%

Strange Music Collection: Writerwolf has odd tastes in music, and so there's a chance he'll know about a strange or obscure band if you ask him about it.

Lost and Found: Writerwolf has a habit of finding coins, writing utensils, and useless junk (which he collects). Occasionally, though, he finds something better. Unfortunatly, due to a degree of irresponsibility, he also tends to lose things. Whenever he arrives at a new location (or an old one, with the delay between re-use relying on how heavy foot traffic at the location was), Writerwolf can roll his Lost and Founda skill.

Success: He just finds a coin, a pen, ect.

Matched Success: He finds a dollar, a trinket (which he'll keep), etc.

Critical Success: He finds something relevant/important like a wallet, a mystically aligned advertisement, but not something that couldn't reasonably be there.

Failure or Matched Failure: He loses a pen, pencil, random trinket, etc.

Critical Failure: He loses his wallet, Ipod, or another important personal item. Whoops.

Madness Meters[]

Violence: 0F/1H

Unnatural: 1F/0H

Helplessness: 1F/0H

Isolation: 1F/0H

Self: 1F/1H